Posted by: F54cool | January 6, 2010

Stage Update!

Well, Fairy Fables will be back again will be back again in the Stage! It won the Penguin Play Awards for the best costumes(I Agree)


                                             Anyways there will be a poll about the Penguins Play Awards in the Community soon.

Till then bye!


Posted by: F54cool | December 29, 2009

Coins for Change Results!

Hi there!

The results of the 3rd Coins For Change is done!

4 billion+ virtual coins(of course) were donated from some places in Club Penguin and in some Igloos!

For the video

Kids Who are Poor -$330,000 donated!!

Kids Who are Sick -$315,000 donated!

The Environment! -$355,000 donated!!!

Thank you for everyone who donated!

See Ya Soon!


Posted by: F54cool | December 29, 2009

sry for no updates

I’m going to be active at my blog starting now!